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Data Syndrome: Our Manifesto

Agile Data Science 2.0 outlines a data science and software methodology that applies agile principles to the process of doing data science to build data products. Data Syndrome exists to spread Agile Data Science in the world by educating, evangelizing, and training teams to build data products and by directly consulting on projects to put Agile Data Science in use to deliver profitable data products to companies, large and small.

Agile Data Science in 70 Words

Agile Data Science defines a methodology and a software stack with which to apply the methods. *The methodology* seeks to deliver data products in short sprints by going meta and putting the focus on the applied research process itself. *The stack* is but an example of one meeting the requirements that it be utterly scalable and utterly efficient in use by application developers as well as data engineers.

Product Consulting

Whether you're building a salable product or a system with an internal customer, we love to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty prototyping elegant solutions to your hardest problems, giving you a working template from which to build out your solution on your own rather than just list of technologies to employ or a pep talk to your engineers.

Corporate Training

Data Syndrome offers data science and data product teams live training, either on-site or remote. During an engagement we'll present the methodology and architecture before delving into the specifics of the team and how to meet their goal to deliver powerful data products.

We offer individual training in video format for the data professional looking to get ahead. We're developing coursework to assist data scientists, product managers, data and visualization engineers and database administrators to learn to build end-to-end products in an Agile way using the Agile Data Science stack.

Individual Training