Exercise More to Hack Better


Wherever the image came from of a productive hacker being a vitamin D deficient couch potato, fueled entirely by Ramen and Jolt, it needs to die.

I slept until I wasn’t tired and hacked until I couldn’t focus.

Then I surfed south Linda Mar above.  There were soft, crumbly overhead sets, and I didn’t get one ride.  But I got lots of paddling in before stumbling to shore through rocks and kelp.

Now my mind is clear. I’m riding an endorphin high. I’ve got many more hours of hacking in me.  

Human beings were not made to sit in chairs for twelve hours at a stretch pushing buttons while staring at LCDs.  Get up, go outside, move around, and come back.  You’ll get more done.  As George Clinton said, ‘Free your ass, and your mind will follow.’

Note: The gym does not count.  You are made to exercise under the sun surrounded by nature, not fluorescent lights and clinking dumbbells.  Go outside.

Update (via skm on Hacker News): Exercise grows neurons.