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AI Product Development

My name is Russell Jurney. I build data-driven products such as product recommendations and interactive data visualizations. My projects turn raw data into data-driven products using algorithms and techniques like machine learning, artificial intelligence and graph analytics. These tools turn data from the past into predictions about the future. Sometimes I build the entire product alone and sometimes I work as part of a team. I often work from conception to deployment, helping to conceive, build and deploy the product to production.

Agile Data Science 2.0

I am a huge believer in using an agile process on data science teams and projects. In my Manifesto for Agile Data Science and in my O'Reilly Media book Agile Data Science 2.0 (4.5 stars on Amazon) I outline a methodology to apply agile software engineering to agile data science. My methodology accounts for the unpredictable nature of analytics product development, where the data's potential counts most of all. I offer training and consulting using this method. I do half day team presentations and three day courses taking students from theory to practice on agile data product development.

Russell Jurney, Principal Consultant

I started building analytics products starting with an interactive web-based reporing and analysis system nearly 15 years ago in 2005. I led the development of Career Explorer and LinkedIn InMaps at LinkedIn. At Relato I built a revolutionary lead generation system driven by business graph analytics. At Hortonworks I evangelized Hadoop and taught users to build their own big data applications. My primary interests are weak supervision, neural networks, natural langauge processing, weakly supervised learning, code search, recommender systems, business graph analytics, CRM analytics and network visualization... but I enjoy many areas of data science! You can reach me by email at rjurney@datasyndrome.com